Degree programmes

You can complete the following degrees in Finnish language:
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Master of Laws
Below mentioned degrees can be completed in English:
Postgraduate degrees:
  • Licentiate in Laws
  • Doctor of Laws
The academic studies are measured in credits (cr.) equal to ECTS. The full-time studies of one academic year correspond to 60 credits. Students first complete the lower, 3-year Bachelor’s degree (180 cr.) and then the higher, 2-year Master’s degree (120 cr.).
When admitted to undergraduate studies, a student gets the right to study for both degrees.

Master’s of International and Comparative Law Programme consists of 90 ECTS and max. bridging 30 ECTS for those who have not completed all of the required studies.

2-year Licentiate degree equals to 120 credits meanwhile projected time required to complete Doctoral degree if studied full time is 4 years (240 cr.).

Four years’ education and training multidisciplinary doctoral programme “Legal Cultures in Transnational World” (LeCTra) (240 ECTS) which focuses on legal cultural studies, key issues of cultural diversity and differences is open for post-graduate students holding academic master’s degree, suitable for post-graduate studies.

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