Research Profiles and Specializations

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Specialization in Arctic Law and Governance

Timo Koivurova
Research Professor, Director of the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law
International environmental law in general and in the Arctic in particular

Sébastien Duyck
Human rights, international environmental law, climate change governance, international law on sustainable development, Arctic governance

Leena Heinämäki
Indigenous peoples’ rights (especially cultural and environmental human rights), international human rights and environmental law as it applies to indigenous peoples

Kamrul Hossain
International environmental law, human rights

Juha Joona
Environmental law, land use rights

Tanja Joona
International relations, indigenous peoples' land rights

Specialization in Transcultural Business Law

Jaakko Husa
Professor, Chair of Legal Culture and Legal Linguistics
Comparative law, legal cultures, and constitutional law