Eligibility for postgraduate studies and starting the studies

Students holding an LL.M. or LL.B. awarded by the Faculty of Law at the University of Lapland are eligible to register as licentiate’s degree candidates in the faculty. When registering, students must specify their major subject for the licentiate’s degree and preferably indicate the topic of their research as well. Licentiate candidates are taken in as students of a particular subject. Before registering, students should contact the faculty member in charge of their subject and discuss the topic of their upcoming research.
Students who have completed a master’s or bachelor’s degree in an institution other than the University of Lapland must apply for the right to pursue a licentiate in the faculty of Law. The admissions decision regarding those students is made by the dean of the faculty.

Doctoral candidates are accepted on the basis of an application submitted to the faculty. The right to pursue a doctorate is decided on by the dean, and it may be granted to students holding a licentiate’s or Master’s degree in law. In their application for admission to the doctoral programme, students must specify their major subject and, preferably, their research topic, provide an account of their readiness to complete the doctorate (for example, a transcript of records) and present a tentative research and study plan. In their applications, students may suggest the name(s) of the potential supervisor(s). Before submitting their application, students must contact the teacher in charge of their subject.

The faculty may also accept students who have completed a foreign equivalent of the LL.M. as licentiate or doctoral candidates, provided that the applicants are considered to fulfil the requirements for completing the postgraduate degree in question.

Given particularly weighty reasons, the right to complete a postgraduate degree may be granted to students who have completed a master-level degree in a field other than law but who are considered to have the readiness to pursue the degree in question.

Before beginning their studies, students should register as “present” at the university’s Student Services. During the postgraduate studies, students must indicate their status as present or absent annually at a time designated by the university.

Students holding a foreign degree

Applicants seeking the right to pursue postgraduate studies based on a foreign degree are required to demonstrate that they are capable of completing the degree in question and that they have a good knowledge of Finnish, Swedish or English. Language skills are assessed using a test approved by the dean, where the applicant must achieve at least the prescribed level. The language skills may also be demonstrated in some other manner approved by the dean. No test is required if the applicant has completed his or her Master’s degree in Finnish, Swedish, or English. Under special circumstances, the dean may decide that good skills or a Master’s degree completed in a language other than these three is sufficient to fulfil the language requirement.

Applicants seeking the right to complete postgraduate studies based on a foreign degree must attach to their application an officially certified copy of their diploma and all other certificates on which their application is based. If a certificate has been issued in a language other than Finnish, Swedish or English, an official translation in one of those languages must be appended to the application. Under special circumstances, the dean may accept certificates in other languages.
The applicant must also attach:   

  •    a tentative study plan,
  •    a tentative financial plan,
  •    curriculum vitae, and
  •    a letter of reference from at least two experts on the applicant’s potential to undertake postgraduate study.


An applicant seeking the right to engage in postgraduate studies based on a foreign degree may be granted that right only if he or she is considered to have the potential to complete the postgraduate studies and if a supervisor can be found who agrees to accept him or her as a student.