Legal Cultures in Transnational World (LeCTra) Administrative Task Force (ATF) has in its meeting 02/2011 on June 10, 2011, in Rovaniemi, Finland decided on the basis of applications following funding for PhD studies under the doctoral programme:

Lindroth Marjo (Master of Social Sciences) Making Indigenous Politics: Sites of Resistance and Domination in the UN Permanet Forum (2012-2013)

Emma Patrignani (Master of Laws) Methodology of Multicultural Legal Studies (2012-2015)

Piia Nuorgam (Master of Laws) Sámi People’s Cultural Self-Determination Relating to Expressions of Traditional Culture (2014-2015)

Nikolas Sellheim (Master of Arts / Polar Law) The Legitimacy of the EU and the Arctic Governance – Legal Paradigms and Cultural Considerations (2012-2015)

Laura Tarvainen (Master of Laws) Victims of Torture in Asylum Process – A Human Rights-Based Approach to Vulnerability

Matti Tjäder (Master of Laws) Limits of Obligation: A Comparative Study of the People’s Republic of China and Finland (2012-2015)

Jari Uimonen (Master of Arts / History, Licentiate of Theology, Master of Science / Administration) The Asymmetry of State – the Indigenous Quest for Self-Determination in Canada, France and New Zealand (2012-2013)

All the four year periods (2012-2015) are divided in two periods of two years. At the end of the first two year period the doctoral student is required to meet with the requirements defined by LeCTra for the progress of the PhD dissertation. One of the PhD students (Mr. Matti Tjäder) is planned to act also as the half-time coordinator for the programme (financed by Faculty of Law, University of Lapland).

The following applicants were accepted in LeCTra with the requirement of their own matching funding for their PhD studies (but with the possibility to participate in all LeCTra activities without any extra requirements):

Emilia Lindroos (Master of Arts / Germanic Philology) A Comparative Legal Linguistic Study on Finnish and German Legal Language in the Field of Criminal Law in the Context of Courtroom Discourses

Virpi Koivu (Master of Arts / French and English translations studies, Master of Social Science / Public Law) Linguistic Argumentation of the European Courts of Human Rights and Transition of the Legal Culture

Anna Nikupeteri (Master of Social Sciences / Social work) Stalking against Women – Experiences of Legal System and Victim Services

LeCTra Administrative Task Force wants to emphasize that all the applications were of high quality. The decisive argument was how well the PhD research theme fell under LeCTra’s focus and scope.