LeCTra Seminar on Islamic Law August 26-27, 2013 (27.9.2013)

LeCTra organized yet another high-quality PhD seminar in August 26-27, 2013 with Professor Baudouin Dupret as a guest lecturer. Professor Dupret is one of widely recognised scholars on Islamic law. Seminar featured two days of presentations and vivid discussions in the field of Islamic law. Seminar covered also topics related various methodologies in comparative law, especially on the questions related to legal pluralism.

Legal pluralism symposium in Rovaniemi 14 January 2013 (29.1.2013)

A symposium on legal pluralism took place at Faculty of Law at the University of Lapland 14th of January. The symposium gathered together leading scholars from their fields of law coming from Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden and Finland.

LeCTra organized PhD seminar in 21-24 August 2012 (29.8.2012)

LeCTra organized high-quality PhD seminar on legal traditions of the world in 21-24 August 2012. Seminar culminated in a two day intense debates and discussions with Professor H. Patrick Glenn who is one of most prominent and original comparative law scholars today.