Supervision and study plan

The student and the supervisor(s) agree on a personal study plan (PSP) for the student, which then serves as a tool for future work between them. The PSP is based on the tentative study plan which is approved at the beginning of the studies. A more detailed PSP is drawn up early on by the student and his or her supervisor.
The PSP must indicate the motivation for and objectives of the student’s postgraduate studies. It must also have the timetable, the order in which the studies will be completed, and a plan of how contact between the student and the supervisor will be arranged. Students intending to complete their research as a set of studies (articles) must include a plan of the dissertation as a whole and the themes of the component studies in their PSP.

A model PSP can be requested from the faculty’s Chief Student Affairs Officer and/or Chief of Administration. The student’s supervisor must ensure that a PSP is written and that it is amended and supplemented as the studies progress. The plan must be delivered for archiving at least once during the studies, preferably at the beginning. The student may deliver an amended study plan for archiving each time it has been altered significantly.

The student and his or her supervisor meet every term, although the need may vary depending on the phase of the research and the need for supervision. In any event, students must report on the progress of their research and studies at least once a year. The annual reporting can be done for example at a degree program seminar.

In practice, the supervision takes place in accordance with the recommendations for doctoral thesis supervision approved on 25 October 2005 by the Teaching and Research Council of the University of Lapland. Written guidelines may be requested from the Chief of Administration.