Environmental law 

The University of Lapland is committed in its 2020 Strategy to promote sustainable development especially in the Arctic and the North in general.
Environmental law lies at the heart of this commitment and thus it is been intensely promoted by the University. Environmental law is taught and researched in the Faculty of Law and in the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM/Arctic Centre). The NIEM – with its research professor and 11 researchers - has a special focus on studying the law relating to (Arctic) indigenous peoples and environmental law as it applies in the Arctic and northern regions.

Faculty’s environmental law teaching covers international, European and national legal systems and research work is focused on e.g. space law, biodiversity law, European environmental law and regulation of natural resources.

One of the major interdisciplinary and international research projects is SUMILCERE in the field of mining law. Moreover, the results as the form of guidebook from completed research project DILACOMI will be published in English during the March 2014. There are two professors (environmental law and international law) working in environmental law field, together with two researchers and one coordinator.  In the LUODE project aiming to gather the know-how of natural resource research is also working one research professor. LUODE project is realized together with the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) and the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). Moreover, Tapio is funding the project.

The Faculty has carried out research together with the NIEM on the topic of EU competence for Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE, now Forest Europe) in year 2009 and for the European parliament in year 2010. 

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Research work of environmental law has got positive feedback in International Evaluation of Strategic Research at the University of Lapland:

 ‘The University’s particular strengths in Arctic and northern research currently lie in the fields of law, education, art and design, and social and environmental science. Law is rather a special case, since the Law Faculty is one of only four in the whole of Finland, and it has been a key constituent of the

University ever since its foundation. Within the context of the North, the Faculty has been able to carve out a distinctive profile in areas such as environmental law, intellectual property rights, and the rights of indigenous minorities. The quality of the research and resulting publications is of a high international standard.’

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Email: forename.surname@ulapland.fi

Kai Kokko LL.D.
Professor of environmental law
+358 40 484 4014

Timo Koivurova LL.D.
Research professor and director of the NIEM
+ 358 40 551 9522

Lotta Viikari LL.D. Lic.Sc.(Admin.)
Professor of public international law and director of Institute of Air and Space Law
+ 358 484 4048

Ilari Hovila, LL.D. and MA
Postdoc researcher and teacher

+ 358 484 4003

Anniina Oksanen LL.M. (on leave, working one year in mining authority, TUKES)
+ 358 484 4009