European law

The wide-ranging objective of the European law education is to build up capacities of students to achieve expertise in this field. The endeavor of the course-combination is to bring together legal practice and the legal theoretical and cultural outline and this manner facilitate students to become conscious about European legal tradition and its power in the legal reasoning, argumentation and application and, moreover, in the societal activity and legal system in general.

In particular, the aim is that the student, who has completed the courses-combination in its entirety,
  • is conscious about the European legal tradition, its foundations and values,
  • knows the important preceding and the most up-to-date legal development (rules and cases),
  • may distinguish and comprehend the basic concepts, principles and aims of European law,
  • understands how the European norm-material is associated with and influences within the legal system in general,
  • understands the significance of economic, political and sociological contexts for legal decisions within the European law,
  • can approximate the relevance of the European law norm-material for his legal reasoning and practical work and, furthermore, for the efficient application of norms,
  • is able to take part of the European law discourse in his own state and abroad - in realm of studies or practical legal work. 

    Courses offered in English