Courses in English
   BA-level courses  
ONEVAL0001 European Union Procedural Law in Practice 5 ECTS  
ONEVAL0002 International Sales Law 5 ECTS 
ONEVAL0003 Competition Law 5 ECTS 
ONEVAL0005 Introduction to Russian Law 5 ECTS  Search for instruction 
ONEVAL0006 Property Law in Comparative and European Context 5 ECTS 
ONEVAL0007 Copyright Law 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
ONEVAL0008 Constitutional Law 6 ECTS 
ONEVAL0009 International Criminal Law 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
ONEVAL0010 Comparative Environmental Law 4-6 ECTS
ONEVAL0013 Information Law and Information Technology Law 5 ECTS
ONEVAL0014 Legal Information 5 ECTS
ONEVAL0015 Privacy, Data Protection and Data Security 5 ECTS
ONEVAL0017 Developing E-Services and E-Government 5 ECTS
ONEVAL0018 Legal Culture and Legal system in Chinese Society 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
ONEVAL0019 Chinese Language 5 ECTS
ONEVAL0020 Legal Writing in English in Corporate Contexts 1-5 ECTS
ONEVAL0022 Global and Regional Problems of Private International Law 6 ECTS
ONEVAL0023 Comparative Law 6 ECTS
ONEVAL0025 European co-operation in Criminal Matters 6 ECTS Search for instruction 
ONEVAL0027 International Environmental Law 4-9 ECTS 
ONEVAL0028 International Human Rights 2-9 ECTS Search for instruction 
ONEVAL0029 Law of International Organizations 2-8 ECTS Search for instruction 
ONEVAL0030 Air Law 4 ECTS


   MA-level courses  
OTMEVAL0001 The Structure of Global Trade Law 5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0002 Intellectual Property for Business 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0003 International Commercial Arbitration 5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0004 Contract Drafting and Negotiations in International
Commercial Transactions
OTMEVAL0005 Client Consultation 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0006 European Law II 6 ECTS
OTMEVAL0007 Introduction to Finnish Law 1-5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0008 The New Labour Law 1-6 ECTS
OTMEVAL0009 Law of the Sea 2-6 ECTS
OTMEVAL0010 Space Law 5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0011 Corporate social responsibility, local people and multilevel governance
of natural resources in the Russian North
5 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0012 Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot 5-16 ECTS 
OTMEVAL0013 Chinese Culture and History 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0014 Chins's Political System and China as a Global Actor 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0015 China - Business and State 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0016 Chinese Society - China and Media 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0017 Introduction to EU law and EU IP law 3 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0018 Supplementary Course of Legal Informatics 5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0019 Company and Contract Law in Russia 5 ECTS Search for instruction 
OTMEVAL0020 European Law I 6 ECTS
OTMEVAL0021 Public International Law 6 ECTS
OTMEVAL0022 Private International Law and Comparative Law 6 ECTS
OTMEVAL0023 Introduction to the Legal Informatics 6 ECTS
OTMEVAL0024 International Environmental Law in The Arctic 2-5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0025 Arctic Law and Governance 2-5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0026 International Law, Climate Change and The Arctic 5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0027 Environmental Rights of Indigenous Peoples in International Law 2-5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0028 Indigenous Peoples Land Rights in Finland, Sweden and Norway 2-5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0030 International Investment Law 5-10 ECTS
OTMEVAL0031 Master's Course/Soft Law Forms of Cooperation in The Arctic 5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0032 External Actors in Arctic Governance – Focus on the EU and China 3-5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0033 Master Thesis 26 ECTS
OTMEVAL0034 Global Commerce 10 ECTS
OTMEVAL0035 Varying Constructions of Law - Coping with Legal Pluralism 10 ECTS
OTMEVAL0036 Proactive Law and Legal Risk Management 5 ECTS
OTMEVAL0037 International Trade Law 3-5 ECTS
OTMVAL0019A Guide to IPR 2 ECTS



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