Faculty of Law

Courses offered in English consist of lectures, seminars, group work, writing essays and/or independent study of relevant reading material (books, articles, etc). Completing a course usually includes taking a written examination on the required reading. Furthermore, a separate lecture exam on the lecture contents can be arranged after the lectures. The tutor in charge of the course will explain the system of study on his/her course.
Please, note that lectures in English are not given on each of the courses. The course can, for example, consist of independent study of the required reading and a written exam only. There is a strong emphasis on independent studying in all the courses.

The timetable for lectures in English is published in the beginning of each semester. The lectures on each topic are usually given in condensed series of lessons (e.g. during a period of one or two weeks). If the number of students attending the lectures appears to be small the lectures can be replaced by other methods of teaching, such as group works or independent writing of essays. Timetables for lectures can be found from WebOodi.

The students should frequently check the weboodi and follow international mailing list for updates, cancellations and new courses.

Written examinations are held on general examination days of the Faculty of Law (see the list of examination days and the examinations which can be taken on each day). The exchange students should, however, always contact the tutor in charge of the course before taking any examination in order to negotiate about the required reading and the date and time for the examination. Please, note that all students are required to register for the written examinations. This can be done using the specific registration form at least 10 days before the examination. You should bring the form to study secretaries or international coordinator. You can find paper forms from the faculty or from the side bar of this page.

A thorough introduction to the system of studies at the Faculty of Law is given to the incoming exchange students in the beginning of each semester. All incoming students are encouraged to attend it.


At Faculty of Law students register for lectures and exams. For exams registrations should be done using paper forms. Forms can be found from the faculty’s notice board (2nd floor) or from this page. For lectures you should register by using WebOodi system. You will receive your username and password when you register as student at the beginning of each study term. Please notice that terms used in WebOodi are: courses (meaning most often lectures) and study modules (meaning most often courses which will give ECTS credits.    


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