Academic life

International conference Reconstructing minds: the ethics of post-war memory and recollection 25–27 of August, 2014 at the University of Lapland

11–14 of September, 2013, Istanbul

(in Finnish)

Towards a New Dawn

Lectures at the Korundi house of culture, Rovaniemi

24 of October – 12 of December, 2017

Art exhibition and the opening seminar at the Korundi art museum, Rovaniemi

20 of October, 2017– 4 of February, 2018


Harvest time

17 of August, 2017, University of Lapland

Professor Marja Tuominen: Opening welcome

Senior researcher Timothy Ashplant:
Postwar Reconstruction and the Nation: Some Comparative Considerations

University lecturer, D.A. Anniina Koivurova:
The image of Lapland in schoolchildren’s drawings during reconstruction

Professor Veli-Pekka Lehtola:
”I wish the soul had kept pace...” Reconstructed Sámiland

Documentary film director, D.A. Timo Korhonen:
A history of those dispossessed of history

Artist and film director, researcher, D.A. Minna Rainio:
They Came in Crowded Boats and Trains

Researcher, D.A. Mervi Löfgren:
"The proud tempo of the new period" by A.E. Järvinen

The presentations are simultaneously interpret in Finnish/English.


Forced to Move – Traces of WW2 in Nordic Countries -seminar

 18 of November, 2016, University of Tromsø, Norway

Ingrid Immonen: Evacuees from Petsamo in Northern Norway 1939-40

Tiina Suopajärvi ja Tiina Harjumaa: From evacuations to resettlements: The polyphonic recollections of Petsamo

Ingunn Elstad: Total deportation: Finnmark and North Troms 1944

Veli-Pekka Lehtola: Transition of Sámi culture in Finland during the reconstruction period

Ilmari Leppihalme: Embodied memories, affective (re)mapping and recognition of forced migrants in Anu Kaipainen's evacuee novels

Discussion and closing the seminar: Åshild Fause

Mervi Löfgren: Presenting Feeniks, Feeniks poster exhibition

Pictures of sorrow and hope and reality of the reconstruction period -lectures

15 of February –  18 of April, 2016, Rovaniemi City Library

Pictures of the Winter War and remembrance

8 of February 2015, Korundi house of culture, Rovaniemi

Spring of Feeniks
31 of March – 1 of April, 2014, University of Lapland

Art and culture in the mental and material reconstruction process following the Lapland War -working group

28–30 of November, 2013, Conference of Gender Studies and Culture Research, University of Lapland

Autumn of Feeniks
20–21 of September, 2013

Lost and destructed, forbidden, forgotten, remembered
4–5 of April, 2013

"Coffee cups with the golden-brims were broken in the War"
Memories of Lapland War and reconstruction

16 of January, 2013

Art and Culture in post-war reconstruction process of Lapland
24–25 of May, 2012



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