Network and partners

Allbeson Tom, Durham University, UK
Photography and the City in Postwar Western Europe (1945-58)

Arminen Elina, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Traces of war and reconstruction in Timo K. Mukka's books

Ashplant Timothy, John Moores University, Research Centre for Literature and Cultural History, Liverpool, UK
The Politics of War Memory and Commemoration

Autti Outi, University of Oulu, Thule Institute, Finland
Marginal belongings and place-makings of Lapland war evacuees
Changing stream of power. Hydropower and local residents along the Kemi River

Barzman John, University of Le Havre, France
Destruction and reconstruction of the City of Le Havre: Oral testimonies

Bird Nicky, The Glasgow School of Art, UK
Beneath the Surface / Hidden Place

Eckersley Susannah, University of Newcastle, UK
Post-war expulsions of Germans from east of the Oder-Neisse line and the interrelationships between memory, identity, heritage and cultural policy

Guichard-Marneur Maud, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Birth of museums in Europe: The relevance and meaning of the heritage to Polish identityand national building

Hakosalo Heini, University of Oulu, Finland
Burdens of Peace: Framing and addressing health issues in post-war Finland

Harjumaa Tiina, University of Lapland, Finland 
Petsamo evacuees in Varejoki

Hautajärvi Harri, Aalto University, Finland
The Reconstruction of Tourism architecture in Finnish Lapland from 1940’s to the beginning of 1960s

Herneoja Aulikki, University of Oulu, Finland
Coloration, everyday life and architecture of reconstruction homes

Husso Katariina, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Sacred art and items, new icon painting in national construction of Orthodoxy

Hytönen Kirsi-Maria, University of Jyväskylä, Finland 
Women rebuilding.
Changes and continuity in women's labour work at the 1940s

Jalagin Seija, University of Oulu, Finland
Porous Finnishness. World War II Evacuations as
Narratives of Transnationalism and Place-making

Jauhola Marjaana, University of Helsinki, Finland
Building Aceh Back Better”? – Discourses of ’New Aceh’ as Performative and Politicised Social Space

Junila Marianne, University of Oulu, Finland
Impact of social crises and exceptional circumstances (like war and era of rebuilding) on children’s wellbeing, position, status and role in the society

Kinnunen Tiina, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
The post-war Lotta history

Kivimäki Ville, University of Helsinki, Finland
Soldiers' War Experience, Trauma, and history of emotions of homecoming in Finland 1939-1951

Provincial Museum of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
Päivi Rahikainen, Suvi Harju, Hanna Kyläniemi

Lapland Department, Rovaniemi City Library, Finland
Mari Ekman

Lähteenmäki Maria, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Lapland War and Reconstruction

Löfstöm Jan, University of Helsinki, Finland
Dealing with the painful memories of Karelia – Finnish adolescents as interpreters of the experience of an historical loss

Magga Päivi
, SIIDA – Sámi Museum, University of Oulu, Giellagas Institute, Finland
The constant change of the cultural environmanet of the reindeer herding Sámi

Niemisalo Sari, University of Lapland, Finland
Martha Organization in Lapland:
Experiences of (women's) civic activity in a changing society 

Paksuniemi Merja, University of Lapland, Finland
Primary school system during the reconstruction time

Planting Molmann Nina, Gjenreisingmuseet for Finmark og Nord-Troms i Hammerfest, Norway
History of the post-war reconstruction in Norway

Robertson Frances, The Glasgow School of Art, UK 
The power of rain, the aesthetic economy of the Scottish Wilderness

Ruotsala Helena, University of Turku, Finland
European Ethnology, Whose memory, whose Symbols? -
Artefacts and Monuments to Bordering and Debordering Processes in the Cross-border Region of the Tornio River Valley (Between Finland and Sweden) 

Schmitt Christoph, Institut für Volkskunde-Archiv, Germany
Traditional narratives of home community

Sillanpää Pertti, Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Metaphors of war and reconstruction in environmental rhetoric of literature

Snellman Hanna, University of Helsinki, Finland
Northern communities in a changing world

Suopajärvi Tiina, University of Oulu, Finland
Petsamo-Ostrobothnia-Varejoki: Evacuations as place-making experiences

Tuovinen Johanna, University of Lapland, Finland
Voices in the "Raivaaja" Magazine - Petsamo-born youths in Varejoki in the 1950s 

Tuomi-Nikula Outi, University of Turku, Finland
Protection of buildings, local history and cultural heritage in East Germany

Viinikka-Kallinen Anitta, University of Tromsø, Norway
Reconstruction in Finnmark

Westphal Eriksen Karen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Questioning Cold War Art (1945-1965)

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