Degrees at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The faculty offers the following postgraduate degrees: Licentiate and/or Doctor of Social Sciences, Licentiate and/or Doctor of Administrative Sciences, or Doctor of Philosophy. The scopes of the licentiate and doctorate are 150 and 240 credits respectively. The licentiate can be expanded into a doctorate by writing a dissertation. However, the doctorate can also be completed directly after a Master’s degree, which is nowadays the recommended procedure.

The major subject of a licentiate (LicSocSc) and/or a doctorate (DSocSc) in social sciences may be one of the following: management, international relations, rehabilitation science, tourism research, social politics, social work, sociology, or political science. A licentiate (LicAdmin) and/or a doctorate (DAdmin) in administrative science may focus on administrative science or public law. A doctorate in philosophy (PhD) may be awarded when the dissertation represents a major subject that is not included in the faculty's supply of subjects. This can be done in the case of a highly multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research or if the postgraduate student’s previous degree focuses on a field so distant that the doctorate cannot be awarded on the basis of the faculty’s disciplines even after supplementary studies.