Teaching Mobility

The teachers of the University of Lapland have the opportunity to participate in teaching mobility by taking part in the Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility programme, FIRST programme or Nordplus programme. In addition, the bilateral agreements of the University of Lapland are open for teaching mobility. Furthermore, teachers can apply for scholarships for teaching visits from the Fulbright Center and from the Centre for International Mobility, CIMO.

During the teaching visit, the teacher receives his/her salary from the home university and the costs of the teaching mobility are paid by the sending institution. Teaching mobility aims to provide the opportunity for professional development and to encourage higher education institutions to broaden their offerings and the content of their courses. As a result, your teaching should form a part of the host institution’s regular syllabus.


Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility

The Erasmus+ programme is a partnership programme of the European Union that is open for all the Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey. During the academic year Switzerland is not participating Erasmus+ programme. Teachers can carry out the Erasmus teaching visit within the faculty’s Erasmus+ agreements.

The duration of the teaching mobility varies from the minimum duration of 8 teaching hours to the maximum duration of 6 weeks. Erasmus+ agreement period is from June 1 to September 30. The content of the teaching period is agreed with the host university and the objective is to fit the teaching as part of the local syllabus. Evaluation of the current cooperation and planning future projects is also possible during the teaching visit.

The Erasmus+ mobility programme is open to all staff members regardless of their nationality.

European Commission collects feedback from the exchange by sending the EU survey link by email directly to the participant.

Nordplus Teaching Mobility

NORPDLUS (Nordisk Program för Lärare, Utbildningddökande och Studerande) is a scholarship programme of the Nordic Ministry designed for Nordic universities. The programme aims for increasing teaching cooperation within the Nordic countries and promotes Nordic student and teaching mobility. The Nordplus programme is not, however, meant for graduate students or for funding research.

Nordplus cooperation is founded on field-specific networks. In other words, a teacher can take part in Nordplus programme if the teacher’s field of study is part of the field’s Nordplus network and the network has applied for grants for teaching mobility. At the University of Lapland, Nordplus teaching mobility is possible through the Faculty of Art and Design and the Faculty of Education. For more information, contact Virpi Nurmela, tel. 2392 (Art and Design) or Seija Ulkuniemi tel. 2424 (Education).

The minimum duration of a Nordplus teaching visit is 1 week (5 working days or 8 teaching hours) and the maximum duration is one semester. The grant is approximately 350 € per week, meant for covering living and accommodation expenses during the teaching visit. In addition, the teacher will be given a travel grant that depends on the network agreement. The recommendations for travel grants are as follows: 350 € for Sweden, Norway and Denmark and 600 € for Iceland. The Nordplus grant cannot, however, be used for covering the teacher’s salary.

FIRST Teacher Mobility

Finnish – Russian Student and Teacher Exchange Programme, FIRST, is funded by the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) to facilitate the cooperation network between Finnish and Russian higher education institutes. The programme supports teacher and student mobility.

The goal of the FIRST programme is to support the partnership of the Finnish and the Northwest Russian higher education institutions. The programme balances the mobility between Russia and Finland. The grants are channelled from CIMO to FIRST networks that distribute them to teachers and students.

The University of Lapland coordinates the FIRST-Lapland and FIRST-Barents networks. The partner universities for FIRST–Lapland are in Archangelsk and St. Petersburg and for FIRST–Barents in Murmansk, Archangelsk and Apatity.

In addition to the university's FIRST–Lapland and FIRST–Barents networks, the Faculty of Art and Design also has its own FIRST-Artsmo network.

For more information about the FIRST programme, please contact Minna Nousiainen, tel. 2685 (First Lapland), Teija Sirola, tel. 2257 (First Barents) or Virpi Nurmela, tel. 2392 (First Artsmo).

Bilateral Teaching Mobility

The University of Lapland has 39 bilateral mobility agreements in 12 countries. The agreements have been made mainly with universities outside Scandinavia and  the European Union, i.e. in North America, South America, Asia and Australia. For more information about Teaching Mobility with Bilateral agreements, please contact the Director of International Relations, Outi Snellman.

More information on reporting can be found here.