Services for Disabled

The University of Lapland’s new Main Building was renovated with special attention given to the needs of the disabled. Getting around inside the building in a wheelchair is fairly easy. The Faculty of Art and Design moved to new facilities in the summer of 2006 and was designed to accomodate the mobility needs of the disabled. 

In the student restaurants, the staff can assist disabled patrons if needed. Special dietary meals in student restaurants can be arranged but it is recommended to inform the restaurant staff beforehand. Students with a physical disability can park in specially marked places in the parking lot. The university library will provide special equipment if needed. Also Braille books can be ordered.

A disabled student can get a personal assistant to assist in getting around, taking notes etc. The application for an assistant needs to be returned to your home municipality’s social services.

For more information on services for the disabled at the University of Lapland please contact:

Head of Student Services

Tuula Saarenketo
E-mail firstname.lastname[at]
Tel. +358 (0)40 588 0819

or the Head of the Study Affairs in the faculties.