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If you have always wanted to visit Russia and its northwestern corner, Kola Peninsula, here is your unique chance. Join the international Kola Peninsula Excursion that is arraned by International Studies Centre in cooperation with the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland.

HOX !! Kola Peninsula Excursion was arranged October 9 - 15, 2005. Next excursion will be arranged during the academic year 2006 - 2007.

Kola Excursion route: Rovaniemi - Kirkenes - Murmansk - Kandalaksha - Rovaniemi


General Information


During the excursion, we will visit the biggest city in the Arctic; Murmansk (pop. 370 000), the Sámi culture center of Lovozero and the famous mining town Apatity. You will learn about nature, the economy, politics and culture in the Kola Region, not to mention see the exotic Kola Peninsula with your own eyes.

The excursion is intended for both students and staff of the University of Lapland. However, priority will be given to students taking part in the Arctic Studies or Russian Studies programmes. Details such as the dates, the excursion fee and programme will be announced later during summer / autumn 2005. Please visit

Kola Excursion 2002,
Kola Excursion 2003 and
Northern Resources Excursion 2004

to see photos and stories from previous Kola excursions.

The fee for the one-week excursion will be EUR 340, which includes transportation, accommodation, most meals, and the programme. Students will have to pay the visa and insurance costs themselves. The University of Lapland will take care of the visa arrangements.

The excursion will be arranged in cooperation with the Arctic Centre and it is a part of the Arctic Studies and Russian Studies programmes. Further information may be obtained from the International Studies Coordinator of the International Studies Centre.

Course Description


KRSP1502 : Kola Excursion 3 cr. (ECTS)

Content: To familiarize the student with Russia and, in particular, the special features of its northwestern region. To learn about the Kola Peninsula and the different actors in the region.

Method: A one-week study trip to the Kola Peninsula, including Murmansk and Apatity. Visits to regional universities, businesses and other sites of interest. Participants will have to pay for the excursion themselves.

Assessment: Active participation in the excursion program and related lectures; essay. Details will be announced later.

Tutors: Excursion Leader, Scott Forrest, Scott.Forrest@ulapland.fi
Coordinator Mr Ari Virtanen, Ari.Virtanen@ulapland.fi

Semester: October 9 - 15, 2005

The Kola Excursion can be included as a 3-credit-course in
1) KRSP1100 Russian Studies Programme (module KRSP1105 Alternative Courses),
2) KASP1100 Arctic Studies Program or
3) KARG1100 Arctic Governance (modules KARG1101, KARG1102 or KARG1103).




Mr Ari Virtanen
University of Lapland
International Studies Centre
Tel. +358 16 341 4202
Fax +358 16 341 4222



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Murmansk Region I
Murmansk Region II
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