EUCEN 27.-29.5.2010 Rovaniemi, Finland presentation:
‘Developing skills for teachers working in the life long learning sector: some challenges for the new decade.’ Lenita Hietanen& Rob Mark and Helena Tompuri

EVETE 2 -  Empowerment of Vocational Education and Training by Improving the E-Learning Competencies of Teachers and Trainers. LLP-LDV-TOI-2007-LT-0007. 2007-2009: Leonardo da Vinci

Yrittäjyysvalmiudet perusopetuksesta aikuisuuteen oppijalähtöisessä vuorovaikutusympäristössä, MIKKELI YKTT 10/2008, yhteisesitys Haataja&Hietanen&Järvi&Tompuri. Authors in alphabetical order

Haataja&Hietanen&Kallio&Tompuri. 2008. ENTREPRENEURIAL READINESS IN THE LEARNER ORIENTED INTERACTION IN DIFFERENT LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS, International study association on teachers and teaching (ISATT) Rovaniemi, Finland 2008.

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