Lapland University Press – dissertation publication instructions

These instructions concern dissertations published by the University of Lapland. Being the author, you are also entitled to use another publisher or self-publish your doctoral thesis.  

The process coordinator at the Lapland University Press (LUP) is Paula Kassinen, email: paula.kassinen at, phone: 040 4844 233.


Publishing schedule

The publishing process prior to the public defence takes at least 9 weeks. It is recommended that you reserve even more time to allow for setbacks.




















Cover design as a student assignment (4 weeks)








(2 weeks)










(at least 2 weeks)










Public display (10 work days)










Public examination (defence)


Publishing process

Identification information and publishing contract

  • The ISBN, ISSN, and Acta serial number for dissertations admitted to the Acta Universitatis Lapponiensis series are issued by the publishing coordinator. You need to provide the final title of your dissertation to LUP at this stage.
  • The coordinator will send the publishing contract to you for signing. The contract specifies the publication of a printed book and a web version in PDF format. Make sure that you have the copyright to the material in your dissertation.


  • Dissertations are typically printed as A5-size books (148 x 210 mm). If necessary, you may use the size B5 (176 x 250 mm). Discuss this with the coordinator.
  • As a rule, the content is printed in black and white. Colour pages may be used if colours convey information that is lost in black and white. You must always contact the publishing coordinator if you need colour pages. The cover is in colour.
  • Reserve at least one month for the layout and cover design.



  • You may assign the cover design to a student in the Faculty of Art and Design. The publishing coordinator will relay the student’s contact information to you, after which the cover design may start.
  • Deliver the back cover text to the cover designer. Do not use more than 1,000 characters (including spaces).



  • Email the proofread and also otherwise finalized manuscript to the publishing coordinator as a docx or doc file.  Possible images should be in a printable format: vector images (pdf) or images with a resolution of 300 DPI (jpg, tiff). Fonts, line spacing, etc. will change in the layout, so your docx/doc manuscript need not follow strict layout rules. 
  • A PDF version of the layout is delivered to you for inspection. At this point, minor changes can be made to the text. Mark the passages to be changed using PDF commenting tools (e.g. stickers). Be as clear as possible:…" this pint there are..." to be changed to: " this point there are...".   Return the PDF document with comments to the publishing coordinator.
  • The corrections are then added to the text, and the final layout version is sent to you for approval.
  • The first page of the dissertation will include the text

    To be publicly defended with the permission
    of the Faculty of [faculty] at the University of Lapland
    in lecture room [name/number] on [day] [Month] [year] at [time, e.g. 12 noon]

  • In terms of the layout and the cover, note the following: You have the right to choose your own graphic designer. In such a case you will be responsible for the designing costs. If the layout is done by LUP and the cover is designed by a student, you do not have to pay for the costs.


Printing and web publishing

  • When the layout and cover are ready, the work is sent from LUP to the University of Lapland Printing Centre for printing. It usually takes at least two weeks to print a dissertation.
  • When the book is clear from the print, LUP will distribute it to your faculty, to the university library, to the communications unit, and for public display. The book must be on public display at the university for at least ten work days before defence. The faculty will deliver one copy to the opponent, the custos, and the other required parties.
  • LUP will publish the book as a web version stored in the Lauda Repository of the University of Lapland.


Author’s copies

  • You will get 20 copies of your work free of charge. You may also order extra copies of the first edition at cost price (you only pay for the printing costs). Tell the coordinator how many extra copies you want before your book goes to print. After printing, you will get 50% off the retail price when buying copies of your book at the Lapland University Press.


Contact information

Publishing Coordinator Paula Kassinen: paula.kassinen at, 040 4844 233.
LUP general: lup at

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