Publish with us!

Anyone writing a work of high academic standard is welcome to submit a proposal for its publication with LUP.

What do we publish?

LUP publishes high-quality manuscripts in the sciences as well as the arts. Our profile as a publisher closely reflects the strategic profile of University of Lapland, which derives from the institution’s role as a seat of research on the Arctic and northern culture. However, we also welcome manuscripts addressing other salient topics in the social sciences, law, education, and art and design.

Strategic focuses of University of Lapland

Sustainable development, law and justice
Northern well-being, education and work
Responsible tourism
Culture-centred service design


Manuscripts and ideas for books are all submitted to the Editorial Board, which decides on those that will go forward in the publishing process. All approved manuscripts will be peer-reviewed. 

How to proceed?
Please send your manuscript or idea for a book to lup [ at ] and attach a separate Submit a Book Proposal form:

Lomakkeet_40px.pngBook Proposal.docx

Submitting the manuscript

You can submit a complete manuscript or a book concept for a work that you would like us to consider publishing.
Please do not worry too much about typos or layout at this stage. The content and the novelty of the work are what matter – bearing in mind that the more polished the manuscript is, the more professional it will appear. 

If submitting a finished manuscript

Please include the manuscript in its entirety, including the table of contents and the list of references. Anonymising the work is not necessary at this point; this can be taken care of later if it is accepted for peer review.

If submitting a book concept

Please provide as detailed and illuminating an introduction to the work as possible, including a brief outline, the reasons for writing it and the rationale for the choices made. List the contributors and their role in the work (editor, author, illustrator, etc.).
For an edited volume, please provide a brief summary of the work as a whole, as well as, in the proposed order, summaries of the articles and the questions answered in each section. Include short bios of each contributor, listing his/her affiliation, the content of the article and the contribution of the article to the book. Please provide any other important details, such as language and whether it is a scientific work (or an essay, review etc.). 


All information given is confidential.


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