The Thematic Network (TN) Arctic Sustainable Arts & Design ASAD

promotes cooperation and collaboration between universities, institutions and communities focused on Northern, Arctic issues in the field of arts, design and visual culture. In short, the TN is dedicated to improving arts, design and visual culture education amongst the members of the University of the
Arctic (UArctic). The network aims to identify and share contemporary and innovative practices in teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange in the fields of arts, design and visual culture education.

In its basic meaning, the concept of Arctic Sustainable Arts & Design refers to a wide range of cultural, creative practices ranging from the artistic, expressive practices to the planning, creation and development of products, services and environments in the Arctic according to the idea of sustainable development. The network recognizes the multiple aspects of sustainability, such as ecological, educational, economic and socio-cultural dimensions, in relation to arts and design in the Arctic.

While developing context-sensitive arts, design and research practises, the TN also explores how the skills and knowledge emerging from arts and design in the challenging and fragile Arctic are applicable in other contexts.

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