Deadline for session proposals has passed and we are preparing the final programme. Approved sessions have been already announced to the session Chairs.

Organisers may request additional information or may suggest changes to the proposals. Final approval is done after the requested changes have been made.  Approved session proposals will be published on the events www-site and in the event brochure.

One person may propose maximum of three sessions. Chairperson is also strongly recommended to have a presentation at the session. Session proposal description is maximum of 300 words. Description should also include learning outcomes for participants and indicate who the session is aimed to. Session’s topic is required to match with the session description. When planning a session, please take into account that session duration is maximum of 75 minutes. Thus go straight to the point and leave room for interactive participation with the participants. You are not making a session where you present you organization, please keep the content concrete and develop your colleagues.

Session types are:

 Session:   1-3 presentations, interactive dialogue and discussion
 Walking session: Topic based discussion while walking outdoors
 Outdoor session: Small roundtable by the provided fireplace (Kota/Laavu)
 Roundtable:   Thematic and timely-panned discussion, with short introduction and few beforehand prepared comments to initiate discussion.
 Info: Infosession on a certain topic, service, etc.
 Best practices: Disseminating good practice to colleagues

All session will be linked to the main session themes. You are required to choose one below as you submit your proposal.

1. Global competence, responsibility and multicultural society/dialogue
2. Measuring and comparing Internationalisation
3. Professional development for Internationalisation
4. Please indicate a theme, if you fell that the above 3 themes do not match you proposal

Propose a poster

Use a poster to present results of your publication, thesis, project, research and the like. Poster abstracts are submitted with the same online abstract tool. Please choose Poster presentation for your session type.

Abstract submission for this event is closed.

Click here for instructions about how to use the submission system.
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