Torstai 23.5.2013 klo 8:30 – 11:30

Maksullinen työpaja

H1: Selling free education

Thursday 23.5.2013 at 8:30 – 11:30
Workshop, max 25 pax

Professional Development for Internationalisation – Marketing and recruitment - Better applicants and more motivated enrollments

Selling free education – challenges of demonstrating competitive high quality to potential recruits, generating high quality applicant profiles and recruiting the right students has been challenging for Finnish Higher Education Institutions’ offering English taught degree programmes. The specialised and peculiar case of Finland and Norway offering free degree programmes using English Medium does not sell as it should. Special focus and planning is needed to achieve these goals. The workshop will provide participants with means of improving quality of applicants and potentially increase overall quality of enrolled students. Examples of application fees as an instrument and tuition waiver and national pilot project on tuitions fees will be addressed.


Separate registration fee 100 € including materials, coffee/tee and lunch.

Level intermediate and advanced


Chair: Harri Malinen

Tim Rogers, International Higher Education Consultants UK Ltd
Thijs van Vugt, iE&D Solutions bv


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