Cylinder: Der morphologische Idealismus

Montage of morfological phenomena for transparency collages: Mauri Ylä-Kotola
Music: Lacrimioara Galagan
Sound Design: Mikko Karvonen
Animation: Teijo Pellinen
(c) 2021

Der morphologische Idealismus Cylinder Trancendental aesthetics is a science with sensory understanding as its starting point. In the view of der morphologische Idealismus Kantian transcendental aesthetics presupposes the existence of a general sensory understanding, but it does position itself in the study of general Sinnlichkeit, sensibility, as relationship between the indivual senses. Kant thought that sensibility and understanding are seperate systems: Sinnlickeit is receptive, whereas Verstand is creative. According to Friedmann, we have no general, or common, Sinnlickeit, but haptic perception is receptive and visual perception is creative.