Swedenborg Cylinder – Farewell Song/Berceuse for Urbana University

Montage of Swedenborgian texts for transparency collages: Mauri Ylä-Kotola
Animation: Teijo Pellinen
Music: Mikko Karvonen
Uppsala Cathedral drawing: Elli Keto

University of Lapland’s longtime collaboration partner Urbana University (Ohio) was closed permanently following the Spring 2020 term. Urbana University was founded in 1850 – so, the decision was the end of 170 years history in higher education.

19.4.2021 there was a story in the local newspaper The Columbus Dispatch: “Urbana University is for sale, after closing in 2020 as a branch of Franklin University. Here's one way to get to college: buy one.”

Urbana University was founded in 1850 by followers of the 18th Century Swedish philosopher and scientist Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772). The founding father of Urbana University was Swedenborgian missionary Johnny Appleseed. Native Americans regarded him as someone who had been touched by the Great Spirit.


If you can't see video here, you can look at it at the University of Lapland YouTube channel.