Frequently asked questions concerning the accommodation:

  • What about accommodation?
  • Do I need to find the accommodation myself?


  • In Finland student accommodation is arranged for all incoming international students in cooperation with the local Student Housing Offices. Students are usually accommodated in a flat with a private room and a kitchen and toilet facilities shared with 2-3 other students. Most international students are offered a furnished room with a bed, a mattress, a desk, a shelf and a wardrobe. The rent per month ranges from USD 110 – 200 for a room in a shared flat.
    You will receive an accommodation application form together with the welcoming package and the Letter of Acceptance.
  • In Sweden it is each student’s personal responsibility to find accommodation in the area during his or her studies at the university. Accommodation is not something that is provided, administered or arranged by the university.
    Modern, top-notch student housing is usually located within a 3 km radius of a campus with different housing possibilities: an apartment shared with another student or a dorm room (corridor). The rent for month ranges from USD 160 – 200.
  • In Norway institutions offer student housing of good standard for students. It is common to be in self-catered apartments with two or three other students. The rooms are furnished. The rent per month averages about USD 250.
  • In Russia as a rule 2-3 persons share the room at the student residence. The bathroom and kitchen are shared among residents of the same floor. Costs depend on the number of beds in the room, level of comfort and vary within USD 17-150 per month.
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