Admission requirements

Frequently asked questions concerning the admission requirements:

  • What are the requirements for the previous education?
  • I have graduated from the 10+2. Can I apply for the bachelor degree programme?
  • What kind of papers I need to submit in order to prove my previous education?


  • Requirements for previous education differ from institution to institution and even from programme to programme. However, in order to apply for the bachelor’s degree programme one should accomplish a matriculation examination that provides general eligibility for university education. If applying for a university of applied sciences one should have a vocation qualification.
    Applying for a master’s degree programme one should already have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent academic qualifications from an internationally recognized university in the relevant field of study.
    The applicant must also satisfy the specific requirements for the programmes (if any).
    In addition, the applicant should have a good command of English language and of Russian language (for Russian Universities). (see FAQs related to  language requirements )
  • All documents for previous education (diplomas, transcripts, grade reports etc. from upper secondary schools, and university, if any) must be officially certified copies signed by a representative of the issuing educational institution or by a notary public.
    In Sweden  all transcripts must be provided by the issuing institution and no certified copies are accepted.
  • Documents written in any other language than Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish (according to the country) or English should be accompanied by translations into one of these languages. Translations must be certified by the institution or by a licensed translator.
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