Application procedure

Frequently asked questions concerning the application procedure:

  • How can I apply to your institution?
  • Where can I find the application form?
  • How do I get the application form? Could you send me the application form?
  • I have sent in an application, have you received it? When can I expect to receive a notification of admission?


  • Please note that there is no centralized admission process for network universities. One should study admission requirements for every single university separately.
  • Application forms for most of the universities are available on institution websites. Please download the application form, complete, sign and along with the documentation of previous education, certificate indicating language skills (if any) and other requested documents return to the institution.
    In Norway  you should apply via the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS - Samordna opptak) unless otherwise told on the institutional websites.For more information see:
    Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland will have an online application procedure starting year 2007 (15 January – 9 February). Please follow the information on and  
  • Deadlines for applications are usually once or twice a year, normally in January – April and September – October depending on the institution and the origin of the applicant. Please consult institution websites and specific requirements in advance.
  • Due to the vast number of applications received each semester universities are not able to verify the reception of each application. Acceptance procedure usually takes several months and notification of admittance is sent to the applicant approximately in three month from the application deadline. Nevertheless, there is sufficient time to apply for visa and manage all practical arrangements before the arrival.


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