Frequently asked questions concerning the climate:

  • How cold it is during the winter?
  • What is the weather like throughout the year?


  • Almost all universities of the Barents Education Network are situated above the Arctic Circle in the Northern parts of Europe  in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region. But the climate IS NOT as arctic as the location might suggest, partly because of the warming influence of the Golf Stream.
    There are snowy winters for 4-10 months with up to three months of continuous darkness and the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on cold, clear nights. Average temperature in January is -15 degrees Celsius but can drop to below -40 degrees Celsius.
    Summers are from 2-5 months long with up to three months of continuous daylight (White Nights & Midnight Sun). Average temperature in July is +14 degrees Celsius and it can reach above +30 degrees Celsius.
  • Even though it is never cold inside, for outdoors you will need a good pair of warm, insulated shoes or boots, a warm winter coat, a warm hat and mittens as well as woollen sweaters and long underwear from October until April.

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