Programmes and courses

Frequently asked questions concerning the programmes and courses:

  • What kind of courses do you offer?
  • Can I study at the bachelor’s / master’s level programme in your institutions?
  • What courses do you offer in engineering / IT / medicine / tourism and hospitality / MBA / design etc.?
  • How long is the programme?
  • Do I need to travel to your country in order to obtain a degree from your institution? Can I study 1-2 years in India (China , Brazil , Germany etc.) and then do my final work in your country?


  • Almost all thirteen universities of the Barents Education Network presented at the offer degree and non-degree programmes at the bachelor’s and master’s level. Some of the institutions offer also post-graduate or doctoral studies. There are more than 53 different degree programmes in English in various fields as engineering, business and management, tourism and hospitality, natural resources, art and design, medicine, humanities etc.
  • Studies at the bachelor’s level programmes usually last for 3-4 years. While studies at the master’s level – 1-2 years and PhD studies – 3-4 years. Please refer to FAQs related to the higher education degrees and the credit system.
  • Yes, studies in the degree programmes are full time and they require the actual presence at the university. However, students are encouraged to go for an exchange period for a period of 3-9 months during the degree studies. There might be exceptions regarding the thesis work. Data collection and research work can be accomplished at your home country. Nevertheless, you should negotiate it with the professor and the institution particularly.
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