Work during and after the studies

Frequently asked questions concerning the work:

  • Can I find a job in your country during and after my studies?
  • Am I allowed to work during my studies?
  • Are there any on-campus job opportunities?
  • Can I stay in your country after the graduation?
  • Where can I find information about the vacancies and employment regulations?


Employment agencies in Murmansk :

  • "Andreev i partnery", Address: 183038, box 707 , Murmansk , Russia.
    Phone: 45-59-81Fax: 45-59-81 e-mail:
  • "M. B.Staff", Address: 183038,  Egorova St. 14 office 316, Murmansk , Russia.
    Phone: 47-73-15 Fax: 47-73-15 e-mail:
  • "Profile", Address: 183038,  Lenina prospect, hotel «Arctica”, office 945.
    Phone: 47-75-60 Fax: 47-75-60 URL: e-mail:
  • "Expert-personal", Address: 183766, пер. Русанова 10.
    Phone: 47-29-99, 47-27-89, 47-34-59, 47-39-78 e-mail:

Secondly, every foreigner looking for a job in Russia , should apply to the Russian Federal Migration Service for permission. Then when you have got the vacancy, the candidate agrees with employer on job, the employer first should apply to the Employment centre of the city, and the later should then investigate on that this candidate is absolutely necessary for this employer and make a note about it. After that the candidate applies to Federal Migration Service and other authorities.

In Sweden you can find information about job opportunities at the Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) online at (Information is only in Swedish though), newspapers or on
It is difficult to say if it is difficult or not to find a job in Sweden . It depends on the education you have. However, the unemployment rate has gone down in the last years and you might not always find job in the field you have been studying for.

In Finland universities have carrier guidance services. Students are encouraged and guided through their job search, career orientation and job seeking skills. Carrier services channel information about available vacancies through bulletins, emails and provide contacts with employers in some cases. There are various online sources where to find the information from as,,,  Also local Employment Offices offer various services to job seekers. However, it can be very difficult to fin the job due to the language requirements. On the other hand quality of Finnish education is the highest in the world according to the PISA survey. It is qualitative and recognized and thus would give excellent career opportunities.

  • Lengths of your stay in the country will be determined by visa / residence permit (if any). You cannot stay in the country after the end of your visa / residence permit, but you can obtain a tourist visa (except Russia ) if you wish to travel and see more of the country.
    In some cases you will have to return to your home country to renew the visa / residence permit. However, if you do succeed in finding a job, you should follow all the regulations related to the taxation, residence permit, employment etc.
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