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Where to study - university descriptions

>  Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences
  Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
>  University of Lapland

> Bodø University College
> Tromsø University College

> Luleå University of Technology
> Umeå University

> Arkhangelsk State Technical University
> Murmansk Humanities Institute
> Murmansk State Pedagogical University
> Murmansk State Technical University
> Northern State Medical University
> Pomor State University

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Application and admission process

There is neither central application nor admission procedure to degree and non-degree programmes administrated by the 13 Barents Education Network’s higher education institutions.

You shall study requirements set by each institution / programme and direct applications and inquiries to the administration of each institution / programme.

Please find detailed contact information for each institution here.

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Degree and non-degree programme search

More than 53 various degree programmes and 930 courses are offered in English every year for both national and international students at the Barents Education Networks’ 13 universities, polytechnics, colleges. Even bigger amount is offered in national languages as Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish.
Here you have a possibility to search among the best programmes offered for international students according to the level of studies or language of tuition.

According to the level of studies

Most of the programmes lead towards a degree: bachelor (BA), master (MA), doctor (PhD), specialist (SPE). See general information for Higher Education Degree Structures in the Barents Region.
There are also non-degree or specialisation programmes, minors that do not lead to a specific degree (no abbreviation used).

According to the language of tuition

Each institution offers programmes both in English (EN) and national languages: Finnish (FI), Norwegian (NOR), Russian (RUS), Swedish (SWE).


While searching for programmes you can click on one or several programmes at a time. For each of them you will get a pop-up window with the main information about the programme and direct links to institutions web page for more information and email address.

You can also use a table with Study Fields by Institution as a tool to guide your choice. Download PDF file here.

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