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  1. Networks and networking: messages from the project world
    (Mare Rantaniemi, Kristiina Jokelainen)
  2. Business features on the North (Soili Nysten-Haarala)
  3. Livelihoods, politics and environment in flux: lessons from Russian northern research (Florian Stammler, Anna Stammler-Gossmann)
  4. Structure and Functioning of Russian Labour Markets (Tuukka Arosara)
  5. Etnicity, nationality and Nationalism in Russia and East-Europe (Sanna Iskanius)
  6. Discourses of Paternal Power (Natalia Baschmakoff)
  7. Language, Context and Russian Media Text (Marjatta Vanhala-Aniszewski)
  8. Nature and resources in the north (Alain Grenier)
  9. ’The way to do things’ in Russia: Formal and informal rules of business and
    administration (Päivi Karhunen)
  10. Psycho-social Well being of the Youth and Children in the Arctic (Kyösti Kurtakko)
  11. Portrait of the women in the Arctic (Natalia Kukarenko) 
  12. Security challenges  on the Barents Area (Mats Engström)
  13. Ideology and Religion in Russia and in the Soviet Union (Kaarina Aitamurto, Krista Berglund)
  14. Russian Media (Jukka Pietiläinen)
  15. Russia and the international relations theory (Tuomas Forsberg)

For further information about workshops, please contact:

Soili Nystén-Haarala
Professor of Civil Law
Phone: +358-(0)13-251 4655 / GSM: +358-(0)40-73 55 938
Fax: +358-(0)13-251 4893
e-mail: First.Lastname@joensuu.fi

Mare Rantaniemi
Project manager
Phone +358 16 341 2227 / GSM +358 40 775 7794
Fax +358 16 341 2401
e-mail: First.Lastname@ulapland.fi

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