Please submit basic degree courses to be taught by you and related working time. This category covers also thesis seminars at bachelor’s and master’s level.

You can provide further details about the tasks in the field More information.

a. Course title

b. Course code

c. Short description of the work connected with the course

Describe the teaching method, preparation work and other tasks connected with the course.
d. Is arranged during the summer term (June–August)

Please state whether the course is taught in the summer term. Summer exams are not included.

e. Study credits (ECTS)

Give the number of study credits that a student earns upon successful completion of the course.

f. My part of contact teaching (hours)

Please submit how many hours you teach of the contact teaching hours specified in the syllabus/course description.

g. Number of groups

State the number of groups that this course is taught to.

h. Language of teaching

Choose the language of teaching. If this is a language course, choose the support language.

i. Working time %

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