Please name the doctoral students that are to be supervised by you in the planning period and plan the related working time. The doctoral students should have the right to conduct doctoral studies, they should be enrolled for the term, and their doctoral study plans (in Finnish: JOPS) should be up-to-date.

You can provide further details about the tasks in the field More information.

a. Name of the doctoral student

b. Working title of the dissertation

c. Estimated year of completion

d. In compliance with the University’s profile

Description of the profile and stated strengths can be found at http://www.ulapland.fi/InEnglish/About-us/Strategy-2020/Stated-strengths-and-focus-areas The main supervisor of the thesis assesses whether the publication is in compliance with the University’s profile.

e. Degree belongs to a thematic doctoral programme

Descriptions of the doctoral programmes: www.ulapland.fi/graduateschool

f. Student’s nationality

If the student has dual citizenship and one of them is Finnish, please choose Finland.

g. I’m the main supervisor

Other supervisors, in addition to the main supervisor, can allocate working time for the supervision work, but the main supervisor’s doctoral students are included in the performance targets.

h. Working time %

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