This page is for acquisition of data and analysis, producing scripts and finding publication forums.

You should include scripts that have not yet been published and allocate the working time to be used for doing research and producing publications in the planning period. Please note that you should also allocate the working time to be used for writing articles that are part of your doctoral dissertation. The performance targets concern only scripts to be published in the planning period.

You can provide further details about the situation in the field More information

a. Working title of the publication

b. In compliance with the University’s profile (Yes/No)

Description of the profile and stated strengths can be found at http://www.ulapland.fi/InEnglish/About-us/Strategy-2020/Stated-strengths-and-focus-areas
The researcher responsible for the publication independently assesses this.

c. Intended publication forum level (0–3)

Give the intended publication forum level. You can find information on the levels at http://www.tsv.fi/julkaisufoorumi/ > In English.
Publications that don’t belong to levels 1–3 are at level 0.

d. Estimated year of script completion

Give the estimated year for completing your script.

e. Estimated year of publication

Estimate the year when your script has gone through potential peer reviews and will be published.

f. Working time %

Give an estimated percentage of your total working time that indicates how much working time you will use for implementing the tasks described on this page.

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