Make a plan about the research funding to be applied for and working time to be allocated for it in the planning period. If funding applications concerning the same project are submitted to several funding sources, you should specify each funding source on its own line. Funding applications for other than research purposes are submitted in the section for societal interaction. It would be ideal to get research funding during the planning period for the following four years in accordance with the group’s aim.

You can provide further details about the tasks in the field More information.

a. Research topic/title

b. Funding objective (€)

c. Funding source

The options for funding sources are ‘Academy of Finland, ’Tekes’, ‘Corporate funding’, ’Internationally competed funding’ or ’Others’. ’Others’ means funding granted by municipalities and foundations, for instance.

d. Funding source if you submitted ’Others’

Please describe the funding source if it’s not the Academy of Finland, Tekes, corporate funding or internationally competed funding.

e. Funding application is mainly on my responsibility

State whether you’re the person who is mainly responsible for the funding application. Employees participating in the application process are to decide who is primarily responsible for it. Others, in addition to the person in charge, can allocate working time for the funding application. However, information about the person in charge is important, because the funding objective in his/her plan is transferred to performance targets.

f. Object of funding suits the University’s profile (Yes/No)

Description of the profile and stated strengths can be found at http://www.ulapland.fi/InEnglish/About-us/Strategy-2020/Stated-strengths-and-focus-areas
The person applying for funding independently assesses this.

g. Working time %

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