Summary page

As its name suggests, the summary page summarizes the information of other pages in the work planning form. Hence, it is impossible to make changes to the information on the summary page.

The graph Allocation of expertise illustrates the allocated working time according to your areas of responsibility. The graph is based on the information you have submitted.



In addition, there is a quantitative summary about specific information that you have submitted: publications, courses, funding applications and so on. The percentages are proportions of your full working time in the planning period (i.e. calendar year).

Faculties are divided into groups that are specified on the intranet pages for expertise allocation. Your group’s aims for the next planning period will include only those aims of your plan that will be implemented during the next planning period.

When your plan is ready, please go to the summary page and check that the percentage in the field Percentage of planned working time is ”100% / 100%”.



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