Anna-Maija Partanen


Lyseonpuiston lukio  mathematics teacher
+358 40 7350474 



Development of meanings connected to the concept of derivative using small group interaction

There has been an increasing interest in social aspects of learning among researchers in mathematics education. In my project I am going to describe the meaning making processes of 17-year old students when investigating the concept of derivative in small groups. The learning of the students is seen as locally situated in the classroom microculture and the immediate interaction in the groups. The methodology of my research has features of ethnography, and it is part of the teachers as researchers tradition.

Recent publications

Partanen, A-M. 2005. Uncertainty and Different Styles of Friendly Conversation. In Proceedings of CERME4, Fourth Congress of European Society for Research in Mathematics Education. February 17-21. Saint Feliu de Guíxols, Spain.