Anneli Lauriala

PhD (Education)
Professor of Teacher education
+358 (0) 400269237


Research interests

School and identity. Students’ school experiences and identity formation. An international research project focused on describing and interpreting pupils’ school experiences, identities and their relations in different countries and schools. The rationale of the project is based on the fact that research on pupils’ voices has been scarce, even school ethnographies, although pertaining to the everyday life at school, have represented researcher’s interpretations, rather than pupils’ own telling of the everyday life at school.

The aim of the project is thus to describe and interpret pupils’ school experiences and examine what kind of influences do these experiences have on their developing identities. Methodologically the study represents phenomenological, comparative, and contextual; i.e., we study experiences both in national, cultural and school political contexts in different countries, and also in the contexts of different types of schools in each country, including big urban schools, little village schools, and alternative schools or classrooms.

Selected recent publications

Ojanen, S. & Lauriala, A. 2006. Enhancing the professional development of teachers by developing supervision into a conceptually based practice. In R. Jakku-Sihvonen & H. Niemi (Eds.) Research-based Teacher Education in Finland.- Reflections by Finnish Teacher Educators. Research in Educational Sciences, 25, 71-88.

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Lauriala, A. 2004. Teacher knowledge and learning in a context of change. In M-L. Husso & T. Wallandingham (Eds.) Teacher as researcher - pictures and perspectives of professionalism. Journal of Teacher Researcher, Jyväskylä: Tuope.

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