Esa Poikela

University of Lapland
Faculty of Education

Research Centre of Learning, Studying and Teaching
Yliopistonkatu 9 D
PL 122
96101 Rovaniemi
+ 358 (0) 404844168

  Esa Poikela
Professor in Education, University of Lapland
Docent in learning at work, University of Tampere


Research interests

  • Adult education and professional education
  • Contextual knowledge, knowing and learning
  • Learning at work and leading learning
  • Problem-based learning
  • University pedagogy
  • Assessment and evaluation


Research projects

As a leader or co-leader

  • Creating Social Capital within Networks of Learning and Knowing, SoCaL-group 2003- 
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Learning, AsEL 2006-
  • Web Searching, Information Literacy and Learning, Web-Seal, Team B 2005-,funded by Finnish Academy
  • Problem-Based Learning as a Strategy for Developing Knowledge and Competence in the Context of Education and Work, ProBell-group 2001-, funded by Finnish Academy

As a senior researcher

  • Learning at work as a resource for development of employees and work community, 2000-2002, funded by Finnish Academy
  • Learning processes in different work and organizational contexts, 2004-2005, funded by Finnish Academy

As a researcher

  • Work, Organization and Training, The Research Program of the Effectiveness of Education 1995-1998, funded by Finnish Academy
  • Developing Vocations and the Modes of the continuing learning, The Research Program of Continuing Education 1989-1993, funded by Finnish Academy



Scientific advisor

  • Development and Research Project of the Psychosocial Well-being of Children and Youth in the Arctic in Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway, ArctiChildren 2007-
  • Possibilities of Human Centred Mediation in developing Intellectual Capital, research project by Finnish Forum of Mediation 2007-
  • Professional Development Studies on Problem-Based Learning (60 credits) ESR-funded training project 2002-2005


Confidential posts


  • Reviewer of a International Journal 2003 – . The International Journal of Problem-based Learning: Theoretical and Experimental. Published by the University of Malaya.
  • Chair of the Advisory Committee 2003 – 2005. International Conference of Problem-Based Learning, June 9th – 11th, PBL in Contexts. Lahti, Finland.
  • Member of the Organizing Committee 2001 – 2003. 3rd International Conference of Researching Work and Learning, July 25th – 27th 2003, Work and Lifelong Learning in Different Contexts. Tampere, Finland.


  • Member of Planning Committee for evaluation of creating social and communicative competencies in vocational education 2007 - , the Finnish Education Evaluation Council
  • Member of Executive Board 2002 – 2005 and Leader 2003 – 2005 of Eduta-institute, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Tampere
  • Member of Committee for Quality Assurance, apprenticeship training 2001 – 2002, National Board of Education
  • Member of Committee for Quality Assurance, vocational education 2001 – 2002, National Board of Education
  • Member of Committee for Quality Assurance, vocational education 2000 – 2001, National Board of Education
  • Member of Executive Board of the Department of Educational Sciences 1998 – 2004, University of Tampere
  • Member of pedagogical committee 1998 – 2001, University of Tampere
  • Member of Academic Board of the University 1995 – 1998, University of Tampere
  • Member of Executive Board 1993-1994, National Association of Academic Researchers, Helsinki
  • Member 1990 and chairman 1991 – 1994 of executive committee, Association of Assistants and Researhers, University of Tampere
  • Member of Executive Board 1989 – 1993, the Institute for Extensions Studies, University of Tampere
  • Member of personnel development committee 1990 – 1991, University of Tampere
  • Member of board of the City library 1985 – 1988, Hyvinkää 
  • Member 1982 – 1984 and chair 1986 -1987 of pedagogical committee, Joint Organisation of Liberal Education, Helsinki
  • Auditor 1992 -1995, Research Society of Adult Education, Helsinki
  • Auditor 1983 -1984, Association of Citizens’ and Worker´s Institutes, Helsinki
  • Member of Editorial Council 1982 -1984, Journal of Adult Education, Helsinki
  • Member of Executive Board 1973, Student Union, University of Tampere


Recent teaching

  • Program of University pedagogy (25 ects, aimed for university teachers)
  • Work research (5 ects)
  • Learning at work and work community (5 ects)
  • Theories and practices of training in working life (4 ects)


Selected list of publications

Professor E. Poikela has published widely both nationally and internationally. The total number of his publications is more than 200 hundred pieces.


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