Timo Pehrman

    Training Manager, Master of Social Sciences, MBA
PO Box 10, FIN-00039 VALIO, Finland
Meijeritie 6, Helsinki, Finland
phone + 358 10 381 2585
mobile + 358 50 384 0089
telefax + 358 10 381 2248


Research interests

  • Mediation process for the organizational learning. How and what parties can learn in the mediation process. (Doctoral thesis in education, University of Lapland)
  • Leadership by learning. The meaning of taking notice of the staff and of the means for leading the work communities. (MBA research)


Recent publications

Pehrman, T. 2006. Leadership and Learning. The report and the lecture in the Nordic conference for mediation and conflict management. Helsinki

Pehrman, T. 2006. A study on learning effects in workplace mediation. "Sovittelu organisaation oppimisprosessina". University of Lapland. Rovaniemi.

Pehrman, T. 2006. A study on mediators’ learning experiences in criminal and civil action mediation in Vantaa. University of Lapland. Rovaniemi.

Pehrman, T. 2005. Sovittelu luottamuksen lähteenä - mitä ja miten rikoksen tai riidan osapuolet voivat sopia? Teoksessa Poikela, E. (toim.) Oppiminen ja sosiaalinen oppiminen. Tampere University Press: Tampere

Pehrman, T. 2000. Leadership by Learning. Energy to work community and business activity. MBA - research. University of Jyväskylä. Vantaa: Dark Ltd.