Teaching & Research

In the Faculty of Law of the University of Lapland, we offer annually courses in air and space law. The courses consist of independent studies and contact teaching. It is possible to study air and space law all the way from the very basics to a degree of a Doctor of Laws. Our students come from Finland and abroad, varying from undergraduate to doctoral students.

In the field of research, we have a small but enthusiastic group of scholars sharing a genuine interest in air and space law. Our researchers have recently been working in the area of regulation of satellite navigation in particular. Environmental regulation of the space sector has long been on our research agenda. Space and air law related security questions are another topical issue area we concentrate on.

We are very open to exchanging ideas that promote cooperation in teaching and research of air and space law world-wide. We are also firmly committed to cooperation as concerns research projects and to active participation in research consortiums. If your home institution has plans for establishing such cooperation, do not hesitate to send us a proposal.

In addition to doing research in English in particular, we also try to promote publishing in Finnish, as it is a small country language in which there have been very few air and space law materials available thus far.