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The Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Studies (DFACS) organises and develops research, teaching, and art in the different branches of the visual arts as well as in art and culture. It provides instruction at the highest level of the visual arts. A student can artistically work and research art and culture both independently and creatively. The department follows the developments in science, and art and strengthens the significance of the humanities and academic critical analysis. Instruction and research is under continual development to emphasise the international, multidisciplinary, multicultural, and northern points of view.

The department organises education for all the degree programmes in the Faculty of Art and Design. These programmes include art studies, studies into the research of art and culture, and research seminars for all the students in the faculty. The department is also responsible for the annual nation-wide seminar on the methodology of research into art and culture.

Besides developing post-graduate education, advanced studies in art, art history, and cultural history will also take place as part of the post-graduate studies. The department also participates in projects with other universities.