Arctic Journey - an Experimental Exhibition

Arctic Journey is an exhibition about personal human experiences in the arctic. It experiments different forms of concretizing invisible elements and pursues to create a tangible experience of arctic life. The exhibition aims to evoke thoughts about how each of us experiences and copes with the arctic conditions and qualities, and how we relate to others in this sense. This is an invitation for you to embark on an arctic journey with us.

The works of the exhibition are a collection from HumanSee -project team in University of Lapland. They incorporate both new and more traditional media in digital and printed form, and aim to gather information from the visitors on how the medias could be used as service design probes or other participatory means to improve businesses’ knowledge about their customers.


Videos about the workshops and exhibitions




Exhibition locations and dates

Parsons the New School of Design, 6 East 16th Street, 12th floor, New York, NY 10003
”Journey” workshop 17.3. & interactive exhibition opening 17.3. 5pm. Exhibition open until 18.3. 4pm

Finlandia University, Reflection Gallery, Jutila Center, 200 Michigan St., Hancock, MI 49930

Scandinavian Community Centre, Arts Night, 6540 Thomas Street, Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada
Photo and video material from the work “Collaborative Imagery Escalator”, 9.4.2016

Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Concourse Gallery, 1399 Johnston Street, Vancouver, Canada

Stanford University Campus, Palo Alto and University of California, Berkeley Campus, U.S.
Arctic Journey Poster interventions 13.-17.6.2016

Rovaniemi, Finland
Arctic Design Week 22.2.-28.2.2017


About the Authors


emmi.jpg  Emmi Hakala is an interior and service designer. She also has experience from industrial design and graphic design. She spends most of her time doing user-centered design and service design projects with technology driven companies. She is enthusiastic about learning more about interaction and user-centered system design. 
 jaana.jpg Jaana Jeminen is a BA in design and MA in business economics. Her background is both in design and in business. In addition to that she has long experience in both being an entrepreneur in her design consultancy and managing research and development projects in design. She works as a project manager in HumanSee. Jaana was born in Inari, 300 kilometers north from the Arctic Circle.
 titta.jpg Titta Jylkäs is a service designer (MA) and a doctoral student at the University of Lapland focusing on her research in user-driven service design approach in the field of future trans- portation. She was born in Rovaniemi, Finland and did most of her studies there as well. She works as a junior researcher in HumanSee –research project and is visiting in Parsons the New School for Design, New York and University of California, Berkeley as a scholar during the research project.

Satu Miettinen works as a professor at the University of Lapland. She is running several national and international service design research projects. She also works in the area of arctic design which produces solutions to the needs of extreme and marginal contexts. Arctic Design is about producing extreme wellbeing and competitive edge for circumpolar areas.


Heikki Tikkanen is a planner in the HumanSee project. He is a Master of Art and Design from the field of Audiovisual Media Culture. He plans the usage of video and audio material as part of service design for businesses in the project.


Tytti Vuorikari is an industrial design student in University of Lapland. At her Master thesis phase she focuses her studies in service design. Now she works as a research assistant in HumanSee –research project. She from Mikkeli, Finland.


"Wings for the stories" – collaborative textile installation 

Wings for the stories is a collaborative textile installation is based on empowering family stories. Stories are collected from the workshop participants using self-documenting tool “story probes”. These stories were shared and transformed into individual feathers produced by the workshop participants and then sewn into a collaborative textile installation.


"Collaborative Imagery Escalator" – interactive photo and video collage

Start by exploring a wall of personal photographs and videos from the authors, then pick those that mean the most to you, those that bring up a thought, a memory or an intention maybe, then write that thought on the wall.  These selections build up into paths that tell stories about how different people feel and think about the theme of the initial images and others’ reactions to them.


"So alike, so different" – participatory collection of handcrafted paper snowflakes

There are no two identical snowflakes, as there are no two identical persons. A single snowflake can be an extremely complex construct, just like a person’s identity can be. Make a hands-on arctic journey, craft a paper snowflake that describes your personality and hang it in the gallery.


"Journey" – final works from a storytelling, video and service design workshop

 What does a journey mean to you? Is it moving from place A to place B or is it about a learning process and a mental journey? This work presents the outcomes of a Journey – Storytelling, Video and Service Design workshop that experiments the possibilities to use pre-captured video clips in building creative stories around the topic of “journey”.


"Parallels" – picture prints of New York and Rovaniemi

 Our surroundings have a big impact on how we live our lives, what our habits are and how we behave. Parallels is a photography series captured in New York City and Rovaniemi, aiming to combine familiar and unfamiliar through picture pairs. Go beyond the obvious features and search for the similarities and differences between these two places – what makes them unique?

"Four reasons" – audio installation

Put on a hat that takes you quite somewhere else in time and place. Where do you think you went in the hat by the things you heard, and how did it make you feel?