The Naked User approach – Nordic perspective to gadget-free hyperconnected environments

The Naked Approach - strategic opening will start a research and development path towards a significant paradigm shift in the relationship between us - the humans, the citizens, the users - and the digital world: a change from gadget-centric to user centric, gadget free - Naked - digital interface. In our vision, the digital surroundings will form an “omni-potential” environment around the user, providing all the information, tools, and services that the user needs in his/her everyday life in the Hyper connected society of 2020’s and 2030’s.

The research will focus on user experience and user centric design aspects (vision of ”the Naked user approach”), the technologies for the distributed physical interaction layer (vision of “Stick-it-on devices”) and the ICT enablers and solutions in the digital environment (vision of “Surroundings as a service”). These elements will form an entity of smart environment, where the user(s) and the context are automatically identified with embedded sensors. Based on this information, the digital services are requested, adapted and provided for the users. The services are delivered via the actuation in the surroundings, for example visual alteration of the surfaces.

In addition to the scientific research and dissemination of new knowledge, a strategic objective of the project is to form a joint, national research and business development environment, “The gadget free labs”, that will be globally renown in expertise, facilities, IPR basis, and business vision related to the solutions for the future hyper connected world. The commercial exploitation of the project’s results will be advanced with pre-standardisation and work packages on emerging business ecosystems and use-case pilots. The societal, commercial and technical aspects will be covered by a formulation and public dissemination of a future vision of the “Nordic hyper connected society”.

Project name:
The Naked User approach – Nordic perspective to gadget-free hyperconnected environments
Project's short name:
The Naked Approach

Schedule: 1.3.2015-28.2.2018

Funding for the University of Lapland: Tekes 434185 €

Other research organisations:

Tampere University of Technology
Aalto university
University of Lapland
Center of Internet Excellence, the University of Oulu
Demos Helsinki

Research director: Prof. Jonna Häkkilä
jonna.hakkila (at)
+35840 4844203