Integrating media production with the new modes of communication (MEDIA) – Interreg 4A Nord

MEDIA – Interreg 4A Nord performs international doctoral programme within the area of media production. The knowledge intensive area of media production has seen rapid developments over the last years. The aim of this initiative is to implement a serious appreciation of current and future developments in the media industries, as well as to perform research that contributes to growth of the media industry in northernmost Finland and Sweden.

The main tool for achieving this vision is to establish an institutional structure of co-operation within media production research with a clear focus on the use of new media applications.

The instrument in performing this is a thematic grouping of transnational research projects involving high level researchers (professors, docents, PhDs) and PhD students. The proposed programme provides a structure for performing ground-breaking transnational research. Furthermore, the transnational research platform provides a part of the scientific basis for improved education in media studies and in journalism. Additionally, all activities in the proposed project will bring the two universities closer together with the media production industry.  The Finnish researchers are interested of visual information structures and credibility of news journalism in digital media context.

The project has four doctoral students which two of then at the University of Lapland.

Mr. Altti Näsi
Mr. Ofiul Hasnat

Professor, PhD Riitta Brusila
Docent, PhD Hannu Vanhanen

Visual communication design/graphic design department at the University of Lapland

EU Interreg 4A Nord
Luleå University of Technology
University of Lapland
National public funding (Finland)
Kaleva Ltd
Lapin Kansa
Österbottens tidning
Pohjolan Sanomat

University of Lapland, Rovaniemi (Finland)
Luleå University of Technology, Luleå (Sweden)

Industrial project-affiliates:
Kaleva Ltd (Finland)
Lapin Kansa (Finland)
Österbottens tidning (Finland)
Pohjolan Sanomat (Finland)
Keskipohjanmaa (Finland)
Swedish Television (SVT) (Sweden)
Filmpool Nord (Sweden)
Norrbottens Media (Sweden)

Associate member:
The Norut Institute, Tromso (Norway)

Project time:

Riitta Brusila, e-mail: riitta.brusila(at)