Tieteellinen toiminta/Academic Life

International Conferences, seminars and sessions organised or co-organised

Valtonen, A. & Veijola, S. "Turismi työnä: näkökulmia sukupuoleen" -työpajan  organisointi, Naistutkimuspäivät, Helsinki, 2005. [Tourism as Work -session in the  Annual Finnish Gender Research Seminar ]

’Turismi työnä’ työryhmä (Jokinen, Veijola, Vähämäki), Kulttuurintutkimuksen  päivät, Tampere, 2006?

’Patterns of Gender and Work’, with Univ. Tampere, Univ. Jyväskylä, January 2006

’Crossroads in Tourism as Work’, Biological Research Centre, Kilpisjärvi, 21-24 May  2006

’Third Winter Academy: New Work in a Mobile World’, Univ.Lapland, Helsinki  School of Economics, Univ. Joensuu, Rovaniemi, 10-12 May 2007

’Crossroads in Tourism as Work: International Publishing’, Biological Research  Centre, Kilpisjärvi, 18-21 May 2008

’Co-operation in Tourism Research and Education Seminar’, Finnmark University  College, Univ. Lapland, MTI: Alta, Norway, Nov 2009

Researcher visits organised

Christopher McMorran, Colorado at Boulder, Texas, May 2007,

Fuatt A. Firat, Lisa Adkins, Beverley Skeggs, Claudio Minca, May 2007

Candice Harris, 3-5 October 2007

Bente Heimtun and Bente Haug, Finnmark University College, 2.-3.9.2009
(Associate Professor, and Research Fellow, at Dept. Tourism and Hotel Management  Studies; Finnmark University College, Alta, Norway)

Researcher visits made abroad

Veijola, Soile: Invitation to a researcher seminar series by Claudio Minca, Royal  Holloway, University of London and University of Rikkyo, Japan November 2008   for preparation of tourism curriculum in Japan and text books

Kylänen, Mika: Erasmus -teacher exchange, 2 weeks April-May 2009, 10 hours  teaching on phd thesis, Università di Bologna, Rimini Campus (tourism)

Hankeyhteistyö / Project co-operation

Nature-based Tourism Research Project /Matkailun ja virkistyskäytön merkitys pohjoisen maaseudun maisemassa ja elinkeinoelämässä (2007-2011), Metla, Rovaniemen tutkimusyksikkö / FFRI

Lokka muutosten näyttämönä (Lokka village - the stage of changes) project 2008-2009 - Financed by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and FFRI
- The project started as a consequence of the action research performed in village Lokka by sub-project "Reconciliation of Traditional Work and Tourism Work"

Fourth Shift, Eeva Jokinen and Jussi Vähämäki, Joensuu, Finland
 - co-convened seminars and sessions, a co-authored article, visiting lecturing

Work(ing) in Venice, Claudio Minca, Royal Holloway, University of London
- co-convened seminars and publications (two books and one special issue of a journal)

Global Marketplace Cultures, Johanna Moisander, Helsinki School of Economics, Finland

AUT University, Candice Harris, Auckland, New Zealand
- co-operation in publishing (a special issue) and a researcher visit

Finnmark University College, Alta, Norway, Bette Haug, Bette Heimtun
- co-operation in spin-off research applications in Norway and in the Arctic areas and education on tourism work

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Berit Brandth

Centre for Rural Research (CRR), Marit Haugen
- participation in Crossroads seminars in Kilpisjärvi in 2006

University of Texas - Pan American, Edinburg TX USA, A. Fuat Firat

Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), Lancaster University, John Urry, Jennie Germann Molz
-  researcher visit (Veijola) in 2005, when preparing the project funding application, participation in Mobilising Hospitalities Workshop, commenting manuscripts

University of Lapland
- co-funding of Winter Academy and support with doctoral training programme


Invited key-note presentations in scientific conferences and seminars

Veijola, Soile: “Dancing with the Tourists. New Work in a Mobile World”. In the 15th International Summer School of Cultural Studies Nature and Culture – Addressing the Boundary, June 2-4 Jyväskylä.

Veijola, Soile: “The Tourist Body?” An invited presentation at a seminar From Mass Tourism to Tourism Studies, organised by Royal Holloway University of London and Rikkyo University (Tokio, Japan) in London 10th November 2007. Convenor Claudio Minca.

Veijola, Soile: Customising a Mountain Climb. Mobile Work in a New World.” A key note presentation in 2nd International Critical Tourism Studies Conference, “The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies: Promoting an Academy of Hope?”20 -23 June, Split, Croatia.

Veijola, Soile: “Vuorelle kiipeäminen uutena taitona ja työnä”. [Climbing a Mountain as New Skill and New Work] Key note presentation in The Aesthetics of Stone and Rock. The sixth international conference on Environmental Aesthetics. Kiven ja kallion estetiikka. Kuudes kansainvälinen ympäristöestetiikan konferenssi Kolilla 11.-14.6.2007.Järjestäjinä Joensuun yliopisto & al.

Veijola, Soile: ”Hostessing, Gender and Work”. An invited presentation at the workshop on ”Mobilising Hospitality: the ethics of social relations in a mobile world”, organised by Jennie Germann Molz and Sarah Gibson, 26-27 September 2005, Lancaster University, Centre for Mobilities Research.

Veijola, Soile and Eeva Jokinen  : Hostessing, Gender and Work”, with Eeva Jokinen . An invited presentation at special session on ”Hostesses of the World. Sexuality, Power and Gender”, chaired by Elina Haavio-Mannila, at the 37th international conference of International Institute for Sociology (IIS), Stockholm, 5-9 July 2005.


Other presentations in international academic meetings

Valtonen, A., Markuksela, M. & Rantala, O. ”Weather Matters! Ethnography on Lappish Summer Tourism” In Moral symmetry and material agency; negotiations on agent-object relations, Two-day workshop, September 24-25, 2009, Helsinki.

Rantala, O. ”Surviving in Nature Tourism: The Safety Practices of Lappish Wilderness Guides” In THE XXII ESRS CONGRESS, 17-21, August, 2009, Vaasa.

Tuulentie, Seija & Hakkarainen, Maria: Tourism’s role in shaping peripheral communality. Cases from Finnish Lapland. In the XXIII European Society for Rural Sociology congress Vaasa, 17-21 August 2009.

Haanpää, Minni: Co-creation in Event Tourism: Engaging Voluntary workers” in the Connecting Academies of Hope: Critical Actions and Creative Vistas. 3rd International Critical Tourism Studies Conference, June 21-24, 2009, Zadar, Croatia

Valtonen, Anu and Soile Veijola: “Sleep in Tourism”. A paper presented with Anu Valtonen at the Cultural Production and Experience. November, 13-14, 2008, Roskilde, Denmark

Veijola. Soile:   “Dancing with the Tourists.” A work-in-progress presented at Crossroads in Tourism as Work Researcher Meeting May 18-21 2008 Kilpisjärvi.

Rantala, Outi: “Seeking sustainability through analysis of tourist practices” In 17th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research. Lillehammer, September 25-28, 2008.

Haanpää, Minni: “Researching voluntary workers’ knowledge in tourist events” in the 17th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research, September 25-27, 2008, Lillehammer, Norway

Rantala, Outi: “Construction of the Forest in Tourist Practices” at 15th Summer School of Cultural Studies. Jyväskylä, June 2-4, 2008.

Hakkarainen 2008: "Village History and Heritage as Resources for Communal Action and Tourism Development in the Village of Lokka"; The 17th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research: Developing tourism attraction in nature and cultural landscape, 25.–28. syyskuuta 2008, Lillehammer, Norja.

Tuulentie & Hakkarainen 2008: "Villages and Villagers’ Participation in Tourism Development and Other Planning Processes - Case Study of the Village Lokka"; Forest Recreation & Tourism Serving Urbanised Societies International Conference, Joint Final Conference of Forest for Recreation and Tourism (COST E33) and 11th European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF), 28.–31. toukokuuta 2008, Hämeenlinna.

Hakkarainen 2008: "Reconciliation of Tourism and Traditional Livelihoods – Action Research in the Village at the End of the Road"; Insightful Encounters - Regional Development and Practice-Based Learning Conference on Regional Development and Innovation Processes, 5.–7. maaliskuuta 2008, Porvoo - Borgå.

Rantala, Outi: “Encounters in the forest landscape of Lapland: Cultural differences of tourists’ and guides’ landscape experiences” at The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies: Promoting an Academy of Hope? 2nd International Critical Tourism Studies Conference. Split, June 20–23, 2007.

Pakkanen, Antti & Valkonen, Jarno: “The Problems of Contested Roles in Wilderness Guiding Practices”. A paper presented at NEW WORK IN A MOBILE WORLD: Third International Winter Academy 10 May -12 May 2007 Rovaniemi, Finland.

Tuulentie ja Hakkarainen 2007: "From Reindeer Herding to Tourist Hosting. The Changing Taskscapes of a Rural Community"; NEW WORK IN A MOBILE WORLD, The Winter Academy, 10.–12. toukokuuta 2007, Rovaniemi.

Rantala 2007: "Constructing the Forest Landscape of Lapland in the Experiences of Tourists and Their Guides"; NEW WORK IN A MOBILE WORLD, The Winter Academy, 10.–12. toukokuuta 2007, Rovaniemi.

Veijola ja Jokinen 2007: "Towards a Hostessing Society? On Contemporary and Future Arrangements of Gender and Labour"; NEW WORK IN A MOBILE WORLD, The Winter Academy, 10.–12. toukokuuta 2007, Rovaniemi.

Valkonen ja Pakkanen 2007: "The Problems of Contested Roles in Wilderness Guiding Practices"; NEW WORK IN A MOBILE WORLD, The Winter Academy, 10.–12. toukokuuta 2007, Rovaniemi.

Haanpää, Kylänen ja Valtonen 2007: "Knowledge in Tourism Work – Bringing Safari Overalls among White-Collars"; NEW WORK IN A MOBILE WORLD, The Winter Academy, 10.–12. toukokuuta 2007, Rovaniemi.

Saraniemi ja Kylänen 2007: "Defining Tourism Destination. Adopting a New Paradigm of Marketing"; NEW WORK IN A MOBILE WORLD, The Winter Academy, 10.–12. toukokuuta 2007, Rovaniemi.

Valtonen, Anu & Markuksela Vesa  (2007) “Hobbyism as Work: Committeed Hobbyists as Voluntary Marketers”; NEW WORK IN A MOBILE WORLD, The Winter Academy, 10.–12. May 2007, Rovaniemi.

Tuulentie ja Hakkarainen 2007: "From Reindeer Herding to Tourist Hosting. The Changing Taskscapes of Rural Communities"; The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies: Promoting an Academy of Hope? 2nd International Critical Tourism Studies Conference, 20.–23. kesäkuuta 2007, Split, Kroatia.

Hakkarainen 2007: "Reconciliation of Tourism and Traditional Livelihoods. Action Research in the Village at the End of the Road"; Knowledge and Power in the Arctic,16.–18. huhtikuuta 2007, Rovaniemi.

Haanpää, Kylänen ja Valtonen 2006: "’Knowledge’ in Tourism Studies: Need for a Critical Reflection"; VISIONS OF TRANSMODERN TOURISM, 15th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research 19.–21. lokakuuta 2006, Savonlinna

Veijola, Soile: ”Hostessing, Gender and Work in Tourism”. A presentation at the Centre for Mobilities Research, University of Lancaster, 19th April 2005.


Kotimaiset tieteelliset esitelmät

Hakkarainen 2008: "Lokan kylän toimintatutkimusprosessi: matkailun ja perinteisten elinkeinojen yhteensovittaminen"; Maaseudun resurssit ja arvo – Maaseutututkijatapaaminen, 21.–22. elokuuta 2008, Kuhmo.

Haanpää, Minni: How to research Voluntary Workers’ Knowledge in Tourist Events?   at the KATAJA Marketing Tutorial, June 4-5, 2008, Tampere, Finland.

Hakkarainen 2006: "Paras poro ei olekaan pakkasessa vaan pihamaalla?"; Luontomatkailu, metsät ja hyvinvointi -seminaari, Metsäntutkimuslaitos, Kolin kansallispuiston luontokeskus, 4.–5. joulukuuta 2006, Koli

Veijola, Soile: ”Vuorelle kiipeämisen tuotteistamisesta”. An invited presentation at “Matkailu muutoksessa – haussa uusi turisti ja hänelle tarjottavat tuotteet. Tutkijoiden, matkailun edistäjien ja elinkeinon tapaaminen. Imatran Valtionhotelli 7.-8.9.2006. Järjestäjänä Semiotiikan verkostoyliopisto ja Imatran kaupunki.

Valtonen, A., Haanpää, M. & Kylänen, M.: ”Turismityöntekijä tietävänä subjektina”, Naistutkimuspäivät, 2005, Helsinki [”Tourism worker as epistemic subject”, presentation in the Annual Finnish Gender Research

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