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Best things in Lapland - the sweet and the offbeat of the Arctic


Universities, a peephole through which we get a hazy hint of a generation searching for their shape. Ideas, perspectives, things yet to come – all sizzling under the deceivingly static continuum of lectures, exams and five-year plans composed in intoxication with the endless possibilities. ULapland serves as a platform of potential for a myriad of international students. So, it seems relevant to ask, in their opinion, what exactly is the best thing in Lapland?

Adventure, freedom, experiencing the unknown. These things seem to be at the top of the checklist whilst talking about what makes Lapland, well, Lapland. Spellbinding aurora, the rebellious roaming of reindeers, nature resolutely blooming at the heart of cities. The interplay of the wild and the urban seems to have captivated the thoughts of our international students.

When speaking about studying in the ULapland the concept of freedom pops out regularily. The freedom to choose what one studies, the responsibility in conducting those studies and especially the support given to manage that freedom. Because as we all know, being all free and responsible can really feel quite unhinging at times.

Amid all this picturesque verbal sketching adventure plays a role as well. Our students reminisce about having pool parties in a subzero environment and getting lost in a snowstorm on the deserted, glacial highways of the north. Some personal combats surfaced too – all the way from learning to ski to building the best damn snowman in town. During their time in Lapland our students truly have put themselves out there… in the cold? Nah, that’s not what we meant, but pretty impressive all the same.

So – if universities indeed are a peephole to the personality of a future generation, it seems to be composed of curiosity and applaudable skills for adaptation. Because, seriously, if you’re capable of pool partying in -30 °C, there’s not really much holding you back in the world.