Bridges over the Mountain Ranges: Ethnography on the Complexities of Transition in Women’s Social Position in Nepalese Rural Communities


Enni Mikkonen

This study analyses the processes of change in the women's social position in Nepalese rural communities. Underpinning the work empirically is the author's ethnographic journey spanning seven months, spent in two communities and the organisations seeking to promote gender equality and development in them. Prior to this experience, the author spent time living in Nepal, including a long period engaged in volunteer work.

The thesis is an account of the activism and perspectives of rural women at the intersections of local and international development paradigms. Drawing attention to power, privileges, hierarchies and 'otherness', it presents an ethically sensitive analysis of the complexities of social change. In both method and substance the work represents a salient contribution to international, decolonising and feminist social work with a culturally relevant and contextually specific approach. It also offers insights on development and social activism with marginalised communities.


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