Discourse, affect and the ethics of subjectivity


Hannele Keränen

This dissertation is an affective auto-ethnography that investigates the ethics of subjectivity in the changing landscape of higher education. Evolving from critical strategy research into elaborating the interlinkage of affect and ethics at the level of subjectivity, this dissertation provides a more nuanced understanding of how affective sensations are part of the experiences through which individuals orient themselves as subjects.

The dissertation transgresses the borders of traditional knowledge production through its focus on affective dissonance ignited by awkward encounters. It recognises the value of auto-ethnographic research and post-coding analysis in addressing the affective and embodied forms of becoming an ethical subject.

Addressing the intriguing relation of affect and discourse, this dissertation suggests that affect holds the promise of unsettling self-production through the experience of dissonance between individual’s sense of self and the possibilities for its validation in organisational contexts. Affective dissonance disrupts the technologies of the self by providing a path into otherness through revealing the underlying assumptions of the purpose of higher education.


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